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Monday, May 17, 2021
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admission and establishment

Conditions of admission and establishment of institutes

1. Applicants must have a legal entity (a registered company or institute)

2. Members of establisher team (primary core) must be at least two specialists in work field and central idea and at least one member must have bachelor degree. Other members could be bachelor seniors. Core could be consisted of 3 bachelor students at least.

3. One member must attend in core establishment site full- time.

4. Every core must have an expert consultant.

5. New research and development (R&D) units, dependent on industry and executive apparatuses.

6. Executors of applied or development researches that profit services and finance supports of executive and research centers have priority.

7. Admitted institutes must have an independent entity in frame of private company or institute to be established. Companies that have problem in any above subjects, in case of having other conditions, will be admitted in pre-incubator period.

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