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Monday, May 17, 2021
Welcome to Semnan University Science & Technology Park
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Admission conditions

Admission conditions

· Having successful background of activity

· Having stable financial and economic resources

· Having technological plan (a marketable idea or plan whose implementation is based on research and technology and its researches carried out)

· Having a formulated and certain program for function development

· Having full time manpower for intended functions

· Amount of annual financial turnover

 Having the main manpower with education and work records, related to main idea of company and scientific and investigative background related to function

· Rate of innovation and technological orientation of idea centricity

· Predicting financial planning of the firm and its annual financial turnover for next five-years

· Relationship with the other university or research centers

· Holding a patent or registration of an intellectual property nationally or internationally

· Non pollutant of the environment directly or indirectly

· Offering justification of amount of required space for establishment

· Offering the amount of space the firm holds outside the Park (office, workshop and ...)

· Offering the amount of being investigative and background in performing research projects offered by government or private firms and their validity

· Technological firms in all fields of activity can establish in park

· Establishment in park is accomplished after passing admission stages, complementing the essential documents and concluding the establishment contracts

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