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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Incubator center of technological units


The incubator center of technological units is a center, managed by professional experts, and supports creating and developing new professions by rendering supportive services to entrepreneurs who work in different fields actively and have economical, and knowledge and technology-based goals. This center provides the possibility of accumulation and interaction with other centers, by providing an appropriate environment for establishment and professional attendance of small and intermediate knowledge–based firms, research and development (R&D) units of industry and research cores.

Incubator center started it,s activity in April 2009 after obtaining principled agreement of growth center. The decision making structure of this center, named incubator council, consists of 9 clear-sighted members in industry, science, technology and economy fields. Activity fields of this center are general and include, all fields of humanities, basic sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics), engineering (mechanics, chemistry, electronics, metallurgy, civil), and owners of innovative ideas can offer their technological plans in every field.

Purposes of incubator

· Providing the conditions of entrepreneurship through supporting innovation and creativity of young researchers.

· Development of entrepreneurial activities compatible with climate specifications and regional and local potentials.

· Facilitating the transmission of technology from academic and research centers to industry sectors.

· Reinforcement the supportive structures of new and developed knowledge-based institutes.

· Increasing the competition power of knowledge base firms.

· Commercializing the results of researches and realization the relation between production and service sectors of society.

· Creating attraction for constructing private technological companies by rendering required services.

· Assistance to attracting technical knowledge and domestic or international capitals.

· Decreasing the risks treats new established institutes, by assistance in preliminary investment and offering necessary consultants.

· Supporting from production and product development and services concerned to technology.

Mission of incubator

The mission of this center is providing proper conditions for rendering supportive services to working groups that consisted of academic graduates with purpose of developing new professions and creating entrepreneurship in the framework of active new established units that results in new technology. So entire potentials existing in complex has been devoted to attract and recognize these persons and has provided essential situations for supporting technology maker entrepreneurs.

1. Attraction and organization the abilities and potentials existing in the region, for linking academic, scientific and industrial sources to abilities of technological units.

2. Assistance to growth of technology cores and institutes in trend of executing economic knowledge base development of province.

3. Encouraging people to research to achieve production technology of new products and processes.

4. Proving the condition of converting the idea to product process.

5. Supervision on the growth trend of technology units.

The addressors

· All researchers, graduates and innovators with independent legal entity, that have research cores and new industrial units that are ready to measure for creating a knowledge and technology base profession by offering an efficient idea.

· Graduates, innovators, scholars and … that accept the responsibility of commercialization risks.

· Universities and professional research centers.

· New technological institutes.

· Private companies, research and development (R&D) units of industry, other industrial units and representatives of executive apparatus.

Activity domains

1. Engineering (mechanics, Electronics, Metallurgy, civil and chemistry)

2. Basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, mathematics, statistics)

 3. Humanities, Veterinary medicine, Art 

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