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Monday, May 17, 2021
Welcome to Semnan University Science & Technology Park
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Message of president

Message of president

Science and technology parks as an effective social institution in technology development and subsequently in knowledge base economy development and specialized entrepreneurship are attended by many countries. Science and technology parks are appropriate environment for establishment and professional attendance of small and intermediate technological firms, research and development units of industry and investigative institutes, that by productive interaction with each other and university, are operating technologically. 

The ultimate goal of this companionship, is creating sources of technology and facilitating the process of attraction, promotion and propagation of it, in some way that, all or principal part of activities, leading to technology products become attainable in this parks, professionally. The most important activities of these centers, are marketing, idea making, scientific research, engineering designing, prototyping, industrial designing, standardization, technical science codification, patenting, selling and subsequent counseling operations for providing technology products in industrial production field also offering other specialized services. International cooperation for utilizing global experiences and effective attendance in universal technology markets, are the strategic goals of semnan university science and technology park. 

Semnan university science and technology park, admits innovators and technology makers in all fields of science and technology and hopes to take long strides in direction of technology promotion in quantitative and qualitative levels, by wide spreading interactions and effective synergy in region. 

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