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Friday, September 21, 2018
Welcome to Semnan University Science & Technology Park
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President of Science & Technology Park

President of Semnan University Science& Technology Park

Name: Dr. Seyfolah Saedodin

Academic DegreeProfessor of Mechanical Engineering

Field of educationMechanical Engineering– Energy conversion, Iran university of Science & Technology

Tel: +9823-33605005

Fax: +9823- 33605037

Email: s_sadodin@iust.ac.ir

Part of duties and authorities

1. Administrating all park affairs according to article of association and other regulations and rules.

2. Following up the civil, design and development operations of park.

3. Providing the required conditions for promotion and development of technological units.

4. Preparing the annual budget plan of park.

5. Preparing executive– financial, entrepreneurship, scientific and technological policies of park to be offered to board of trustees.

6. Supervision on activities of all centers, technological units, concerned managements and established companies at park.

7. Planning, offering guidelines, and following up to supply budget and earn money.

8. Preparing annual performance report.

9. Financial reception and payment according to legal authorities.

10. Dismissal and appointment of managers and consultants of park and proposing assistants and other relevant authorities to university president to issue a decree according to pertinent provisions.

11. Making decision upon continuation of activity, noncooperation and dismissal of established companies in park within the limit of regulations.

12. Proposing the merge or dissolution of centers according to regulations.

13. Legal representative of park in juridical authorities.

14. Signing all contracts in the scope of legal authorities.

15. Coordinating units and dependent managements.

16. Approving the admission inquiries of establishment in park.

17. Codification and proposition bylaws and instructions to concerned authorities.


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