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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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New science club

New science club


Along with the second travel of president to Semnan Province, in 2009 and according to region requirement to an educational and re-creative center, the establishment of new science club has been enacted with the budget of 2,500,000,000 riyals, supplied from oil ministry credits. Attending to the existence of science and technology park of Semnan University, the responsibility of survey and establishment of new science club, delegated to this complex.

Science and technology park started the survey of establishing the new science club in June 2009, and after selecting adequate consultant, initiated the constructing this center, on a 600 m2 area. This building has been completed in March 2010, and finally has been inaugurated in 24 May 2010, concurrent with Khorram shahr releasing observance.

 New science club introduction

Constructing the scientific, educational and re-creative centers by governments, is one way of increasing the citizens applied scientific abilities. New science club of science and Technology Park is such center that familiarizes visitors with scientific concepts and their applications in an enlivening environment.

These centers could introduce scientific subjects and applications of technology in routine life, tangibly, objectively and by direct experience of phenomenon. And subsequently arouse the asleep curiosity of visitors specially youngers, and provide the conditions of wide spreading scientific thinking in society.

New science club of Semnan science and Technology Park, equipped with unique instruments, specific demonstrative facilities, and open environment for obtaining personal experience and skills, is the best site for informal education, also a very important supplement for formal education of students.

 Brief Introduction of equipment’s and facilities of new science club

In this complex equipment have been selected so that, visitors in addition to enjoying them, achieve direct comprehension about scientific concepts in an organized manner and purposefully. So following subjects are selected as principal basics:

1. Robotic and pneumatic

2. Light – laser and stroboscope

3. Music and sound

4. Electricity

5. Mirrors and lenses

6. Physics and mechanics

Beside all equipment, visitors can profit complexes like buffet and scientific entertainment market.


Experimenting is one way of learning principles and overall results of science, that can persuade students to think, discuss and conclude and finally optimize the learning process. By utilizing very simple educational aid equipment, the comprehension of many concepts has been facilitated.

Beside this complex, laboratories with the aim of creativity development are equipped, that can be applicable for visitors by proper planning. These laboratories consist of:

· Electricity and electronic laboratory

· General chemistry laboratory

· Renewable energies laboratory

· General mechanics workshop

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